Curious about Space?  Take a look at these resources.

Star Charts

Our Star Charts are updated monthly. Keep checking back here for the latest guide to the stars above. DOWNLOADABLE STAR CHARTS Click here for instructions on how to read our star charts. Star Chart for November 2016 – Western Sky Star Chart for November 2016 – Eastern Sky Star Chart for December more

Moon Rise Times

Extracted from the NZ Astronomical Yearbook more

Sun Rise Times

Extracted from the NZ Astronomical Yearbook. more

ISS & Satellites

What’s man-made & overhead? Find out when you can see the International Space Station & other Satellites passing over your town. International Space Station Passes – click on your town below for times Auckland Christchurch Clyde Dunedin Gisborne Hamilton Hokitika Invercargill Kawakawa Napier Nelson more

Stargazing Apps & Software

All these programs will show you the sky as seen from anywhere on Earth, at any time.   Great for home gazing!  Just click to download. Stellarium Runs under Windows, Mac and Linux Starry Night 4.5 meg. Rave reviews – demo and CD versions both available. Versions of this programme are available for more

FAQ’s About Space

Questions we’re frequently asked at Stardome. Can you identify an object that I saw in the sky? We can investigate for you if you provide as much detail as possible.  Let us know the date and time you viewed the object, the direction you were looking, how bright the object was in the sky, and which direction the object more

Useful Links

Visit the Auckland Astronomical Society All NASA Images, includes high resolution imagery. Space Calendar From JPL at NASA Lunar Apogee/Perigee Dates Accurate lunar apogee/perigee dates and distances Eclipse – NASA – for lunar and solar eclipses Time and Date – For times of sun rise/set, moon rise/set, more