Stargazing Apps & Software

All these programs will show you the sky as seen from anywhere on Earth, at any time.   Great for home gazing!  Just click to download.

Runs under Windows, Mac and Linux

Starry Night
4.5 meg.
Rave reviews – demo and CD versions both available. Versions of this programme are available for both Windows and Mac. 

4.5 – 11 meg. 
Celestia is a free real-time space simulation that lets you experience our universe in three dimensions. Versions available for both Windows and Mac.

Distant Suns
4.5 meg
A demo of the beautiful “Distant Suns” programme. With versions available for both Windows and Mac, Distant Suns is great home star simulator for everyone.

1.8 meg
CoolSky is a new astronomy program built entirely in OpenGL technology. Only available for Windows based operating systems.




Let us know if you have something similar and we can share it here.