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Curriculum Links for Stardome Sessions

Curriculum-Links-Images_150x120_Primary         Curriculum-Links-Images_150x120_Secondary


Matariki, observatory    Matariki-Booklet-Pre-School-2016-Image_150x120     The Pleiades resource     The Pleiades activity     The Pleiades worksheet

Comets, Meteors and Asteroids

Comet resource     Comet activity     Showers of Meteors resource     Showers of meteors activity

astronomy teacher resource     teacher resource


Gravity resource, Up vs Down     Gravity activity, Up vs Down


Gravity resource, Up vs Down     Gravity activity, Up vs Down


pipehenge-resource-image_150x120     Teacher resource     Sundial resource     Sundial activity     Two-sided sundial resource

Two-sided Sundial activity



Astronomy school resource     Astronomy school resource     Teacher resource     Finding-North-Using-Sun_Activity-Image_150x120


Astronomy resources     Astronomy resources

Stars Part 2 - Black Holes_Resource Image_150x120     Stars Part 2 - Black Holes_Activity Image_150x120

Teacher resource     Teacher resource


Hello Earth resource     Hello Earth, Earth poster     Life on Earth resource     Life on Earth activity     Life on Earth Clock template

Space Exploration

Introducation to Dawn and Ceres resource     Pluto rediscovered resource     Pluto rediscovered activity     Pluto rediscovered activity slides     Pluto rediscovered activity slides

Cassini-Huygens Spacecraft resource     Cassini-Huygens spacecraft resource     Cassini-Huygens spacecraft activity

Exoplanets resource     Exoplanets activity

Teacher resource, telescope     Teacher resource telescopes     Teacher resource, telescope

star observatory, planetarium     star observatory, planetarium

Teacher resource astronomy     Teacher resource astronomy

The Moon

Daytime Moon resource     Daytime Moon Activity     Daytime Moon, Moon calendar

Lunar Eclipse resource     Lunar eclipse activity

Dark side of the Moon resource     Dark side of the moon activity, phases of the Moon     Dark side of the Moon activity, faces of the Moon



The Solar System

Rising and setting sun resource     Rising and setting sun activity     Star craft activity     Astronomical orbits resource     Astronomical orbits activity

Scale of the solar system resource     Scale of the solar system activity

meet-my-planet_resource_150x120     meet-my-planet_activity_150x120     meet-my-planet_activity-worksheet_150x120